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[ Co Founders ]

As roommates fresh out of college, we were constantly searching for healthy ways to fuel our active lifestyles. The sugary sports drinks we had as collegiate athletes were no longer going to cut it in the real world! After months of experimenting with cacao (better known as chocolate) we began to realize just how much of a superfood punch this little bean provided. As we consumed these cacao mixtures daily, we noticed an elevated sense of sustained energy and mental clarity going about our busy days. This bold and delicious cacao concoction became our own little secret recipe for success.

We are proud to say we are makers of the first cognitive energy chocolate beverage, full of life and true integrity. Our cacao beans are organically farmed, ethically sourced and packed with vital nutrients. We keep our product naked of all unhealthy refined sugar, dairy, and artificial ingredients.

Over the years Rau has evolved from its small beach apartment production, to a ready-to-drink beverage, and into today's more functional and versatile powdered mixture format. Enjoy daily in the morning, before a big meeting, on the road or even before intense exercise.

It’s our mission to provide your daily dose of cacao and revolutionize the way you experience the power of chocolate!

Cheers !