We are RAU. We are REAL.

Our Story

daren myers
brian watrous

As roommates fresh out of college, we would spend morning after morning infusing the worlds most nutrient-rich superfood (heirloom cacao beans) with the purest organic spices mother-nature has to offer; to create an all around wild and bold chocolate concoction that kept us revitalized and feeling great all day long. This was our own little secret recipe.

Co-workers and friends alike began admiring our RAuvolutionistic ways and our San Diego beach apartment soon transformed itself into a chocolate wonderland. We knew from that point forward our off-centered vitality beverage was special and had to be shared with the world.

We are proud to say we are makers of the first cold pressured chocolate beverage that’s full of life and true integrity. It’s the reason our cacao beans and spices are organically farmed and packed with vital nutrients. It’s also the reason we keep our product naked of all refined sugar, dairy, GMO’s, soy and anything artificial.

It’s our responsibility to feel better, live better and inspire positive change in the world with nothing more than a healthy smile.

RAU is naked in nature and proud of it. Please enjoy our healthy beverages and spread the love.


Daren & Brian