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Good News Blog

Meet our Marketing Director, Jacqueline Greene

Hi Rau Family!

I’m Jacqueline Greene, I’m the Marketing Director here at RAU. I am so excited to be starting our Good News Blog and get to share with you all the things we love and are most passionate about.

I thought I would start things off by giving you a glimpse into my Rau Life.

Me and my sweet girl, Journey.

Me and my sweet girl, Journey.

I have the dream job… because who doesn’t want to work for the worlds best chocolate drink?! I am so incredibly blessed to have met the founders of Rau, not only are they incredible to work with but they have allowed me the opportunity to work from home or from wherever my busy schedule may take me. Everything about being a marketing manager is amazing. I get to be creative, build exceptional relationships and ultimately help people understand the benefits of cacao and why our drink is really the best.

My husband and I recently welcomed a baby girl, Journey, into our family. This has been the most exhausting but exciting time of our lives. My days look a bit different than they used to. Working from home during this time has been such a blessing but also an entirely new monster. I have had to quickly learn that being organized is the only way I get things done. With a baby, distractions are a dime a dozen, so making sure I can stay focused and on task has been a very new challenge for me. One of my new favorite tools that I have been implementing is the Time Cube. For anyone who needs a little extra help staying on task I highly suggest this oh-so-simple but marvelous tool.

Work aside, you will normally find me cuddling with my golden-doodle Gunner, searching for the next best jalapeño margarita or swimming in any body of water (besides a pond…or a swamp…or the ocean, Im terrified of sharks, so really the lake or my pool). I am OBSESSED with animals. If there are dogs in my presence I am happy as can be, regardless of what I am doing. This worries my husband, rightfully so, as I’m generally about one sweet puppy glance away from bringing another dog home. As of late, my new animal obsession has been the highland cow, so really he should feel lucky we live in the city and I can’t bring one of those home.

I mean cmon ! How stinking cute are they?! Photo: Laura

I am so excited to start this next chapter for RAU. Not only will we be keeping you updated on all the awesome things happening here at Rau but we will be sharing with you what living the RAU life really means to us; Health & Fitness, Lifestyle & Community all written by some of Instagrams most beloved influencers. Maybe I’ll even continue to throw in some of my own experiences on working from home, marketing strategies and the snuggles and struggles of mom life.

We all need a little Good News sometimes!

With Love,