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It’s Officially Pumpkin (Spice) Season

(As) If you needed an excuse to love Pumpkin Spice…Here it is. It’s that time of year… pumpkin spice is here. And not that you need our approval, but we are saying “Go Ahead, indulge, pumpkin spice everything!” We’ve done some research and we suggest that you skip the artificial stuff and go straight for […]

Dog Days of Summer May be Gone, But Not Forgotten

Summer is over but we can still savor the last few warm days of the season with these rock star hot dog topping ideas. Traditional hot dog toppings can pack a serious punch of sodium, saturated fats and unnecessary calories. Happily, we can still eat fantastic tasting hot dogs without over indulging. Instead, try some […]

Meet our Marketing Director, Jacqueline Greene

Hi Rau Family! I’m Jacqueline Greene, I’m the Marketing Director here at RAU. I am so excited to be starting our Good News Blog and get to share with you all the things we love and are most passionate about. I thought I would start things off by giving you a glimpse into my Rau […]